Laurel Farrer is a Distributed Operations Consultant that collaborates with the world's top remote-friendly companies to strengthen virtual communication, streamline digital processes, and develop long-distance management strategies. She also writes about remote work for several online publications and education platforms, and advises US governments, business conferences, and industry associations on how to share remote work resources with their audiences to stimulate economic growth. 


I believe in the power of environment. 

When I was 14, I fell in love with interior design. It fascinated me to understand how the shapes, textures, and colors of the room that we are in can influence our behavior, both consciously and subconsciously. 

As I embarked in my professional career as an event planner, operations manager, and startup consultant, this respect for the power of our environment was at the heart of each of my projects. Which processes would I implement, what venue would I select, or where should this presentation be staged to create the perfect environment to incubate our goals? Every time, the carefully-constructed environment that I designed was a crucial component of what happened (or didn't happen) within that space. 

But the impact of each space is unique to each person. We can't design a beautiful office and expect it to inspire the entire staff equally. One employee may thrive in a buzzing newsroom, but another may function at their best when sitting alone in a city park. This is why I advocate remote work. It's not about working in an office versus out of an office. It's about giving each worker the opportunity to choose a physical and logistical environment that inspires them best. It's about empowering workers to design their environment to incubate success.

Join me as I share this message with employees, companies, and job seekers around the world to fuel the movement of remote work.